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I had a hot, petite female business associate with an undeniably edible ass. We were on the road a lot, spent tons of time together, and were very good friends (most of our business group, and bunch of clients, thought we were married or at least together). She had the most perfect ass in jeans I’d ever seen, but I was good for the most part and only jokingly commented here and there, or told her she looked good, in casual or, if we had an event, dress or dressed-up. Damn, she had one off the shoulder dress that made my jaw drop. She knew it, too.

One day out on the road, just a basic day and client visit, she put her bag in my back seat, and it went to the opposite side, behind me. So, when we got out, she had to go to my passenger rear door to get it. I opened the door for her, and she bent over, full, into the back seat, in faded, tight-ass jeans, black ankle boots, long, black hair down her back, and I just lost it. The more she fiddled around with the bag, which had our client paperwork and other crap in it, and stayed in that bent-over position, looking like that, I thought..If she shakes that ass any more in those tight jeans, sticking that perfect ass in my face..I’m going to blow right in my pants. This is so fucking teasing.

We get into the house, and I’m raging hard. Making it worse, she dropped one of the loose papers by the table and went to pick it up, bending over again. That was it for me. I asked the client woman to please use her bathroom, using the excuse “We’ve been out all day and haven’t had a chance..You understand”. Soon as I get to the bathroom, I locked the door, pulled down, and had to take care of myself, thinking about my associate’s perfect, teasing ass in those tight jeans, imagining myself pulling her long hair as I rammed her ass, and just..Having at her. I’d never thought of her in that kind of graphic manner until that day. I took care of myself, cleaned up with a washrag from the tub, and returned to do the paperwork. Nobody knew a thing.

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  • Nice fantasy… That’s not the real story though, I had to quit because this freak wouldn’t stop harassing me. I’ve had a few men act like this it comes with the job, they actually warn you of the sexual harassment when you sign our contracts. They even go as far as providing you with a special key chain to prevent sexual assault on long trips. Long story short he was fired for hitting on every single one of the women who got in the company vehicle with him. He would touch himself while driving.. The other woman would sit as far back in the company vehicle as they possibly could.. We got a flat once in the dark we thought about staving him leaving his body in the drain ditch.. None of the women wanted to touch the pervert let alone go near the creep. I’m so happy he said he gets on these types of sites I knew he was gonna come up with a fantasy and try to say it happened.. Men😧

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    • I copy-pasted this from the comments on another confession

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      • I copy-pasted this from the reply above.

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  • Oooofffff

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