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This isn’t exactly a confession as I did not do anything but more of a warning to other men.

This happened a good few years ago, I was a private tutor (trained teacher) offering tuition in the subjects of History and English. At that time I had two girls aged 12 who would come to my house for two hours on a Saturday both were failing in their History studies, we’ll call them Anne and Beth.

Anne was to say the least precocious, an early developer who was aware of her growing assets and not afraid to flaunt them and she blessed with an overabundance of confidence, but not intelligence.

Beth was Anne’s best friend, however that was not a feeling which was returned. Beth was very sweet, intelligent and a late developer.

I filmed all sessions with the girls, having obtained their parents permission to do so. Partly so that I had evidence of my behaviour in the event of any accusations. Sadly some girls would make accusations if things weren’t going their way.

This one day we were looking at the history of the Victorian period in the UK and Anne was fascinated with the idea of families marrying off their younger daughters to older wealthier men. Anne started to ask questions about my history with women, I told we were studying the Victorians and I definitely wasn’t that old, no matter what either of them believed.

Anne’s questions were getting more and more personal regarding when I lost my virginity, was I attracted to her and Beth, did I have a large penis etc.
Now I know what you’re thinking, total underage fantasy, but this did happen and it was scaring the hell out of me. Beth was as uncomfortable as I was with the questions and was pleading with Anne to stop.
Anne’s response to Beth was shocking, “Oh fuck sake Beth, you said you wanted to see his cock, just ask him.” She then turned back to me and said, “Beth wants you to fuck her you know? Up the cvnt, up the arse, in her mouth.”

I excused myself and called both girls mothers telling them there was a problem and they needed to come and collect the girls.

I showed both mothers the footage and told them I could no longer provide tuition for their daughters and would return the balance they had paid.

Anne’s mother saw nothing wrong with her daughter’s behaviour saying the usual “Kids just being kids.”
Beth’s mother was shocked by this and told Anne’s mother “you keep your sick psycho bitch away from my baby girl.”

The last I saw of Anne was a couple of years later when she was 14, heavily pregnant going into a shop with her mother to buy things for the baby she was going to have.

Beth and her mother I stayed in touch with and helped again in later years. She went on to study History at university. Pleased to say she earned a first class degree.

So to any tutors out there watch out for the Annes of this world.

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  • Quite the read; very interesting nonetheless. I just so happen to struggle with my history class (currently studying WW2). Mind if you can give me a session? I promise to wear my thongs.

    Anonymous April 11, 2019 9:58 am Reply

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