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I hooked up recently with an old flame who is 20 years older. We had an active sex life when we were together and we found ourselves alone and a few drinks in.

We got comfortable and proceeded to become reaquainted. I was getting close to cumming when her 20somethingish daughter, Tina comes back home. As I was about to cum she said “I know you wish you were fucking Tina. I know you wanna fuck her. Cum for Tina, daddy. Cum for Tina daddy!”

I came the hardest I ever have.

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  • that is truely a sick old sow who wants you do pedophilia sex. next it will be her grandchildren and their dog she goes you on for and you on a dog lead. dirty couple. tina was a tart over 40 so how old is this witchy,90 ?

    Anonymous April 11, 2019 1:01 am Reply

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