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There was a girl who was into me but I wasn’t particularly interested. She was okay looking and petite, and I was single at the time, with too much free time on my hands. She was looking for a relationship which I wasn’t particularly interested in, so I convinced her to get into a friends with benefits kind of thing. She was naive and she readily agreed to my surprise and hence began a weird yet interesting relationship if you may call it that. She was very submissive and agreed to any demand I made readily. I had her send me explicit photos on a daily basis and we talked dirty with nothing being off limits. Her body was tight, with firm pointy boobs and a shaved pink pussy. After a while of over the phone stuff, I was getting impatient for some action and so was she. By this point, she was completely hooked and just wanted to get her brains fucked out. One day we decided to meet, and she showed up in a skirt and blouse. I was excited by the prospects of this unexpected development, and we went to a restaurant. There I made her take off her panty in the restroom and give it to me, for safekeeping in my pocket. She spent the remainder of the trip pantyless in a skirt. We then decided to go for a ride in my car. Getting road head was a big fantasy of mine, and this chick was up for anything at this point. So go we did, to the quieter part of town. I pulled out my cock and instructed her to use her pretty little mouth for something useful. She was her usual obedient self and started licking the head of my cock. I kept driving and used my free hand to push her head further down so that most of my cock was in her mouth and she started gagging. To my surprise and delight, she took it like a champ and went further so as to deepthroat my cock and I could feel the tip hitting the back of her throat. My hand found her pussy and I started rubbing her clit. This made her crazier and her tempo increased. Each time a car pulled over beside mine, I pulled her off by the hair and after the car passed, she eagerly went down again. I was almost cumming and suddenly the bitch decided to stop and come up for air. “I’m cumming” I almost screamed and pushed her head down and kept it down forcibly and I came into the back of her throat which made her gag and cough. I couldn’t help but smile at how well she was handling it, given it was her first ever blowjob! After about five or six pumps, I was done and I let her up. She was red in the face and still had some cum in her mouth. “Swallow it” I instructed, which she did without question. “How does it taste?”, I asked her, expecting a salty reply (pun intended). “Not bad” said the bitch surprising me even more. I took out her panty from my pocket and tossed it at her. “Clean yourself up”, I told her. Then I dropped her off at the next bus stop to find her way home, and she obediently got out. “See ya around” I told her and drove off. I haven’t seen her since cuz she was starting to get demanding after that. Anyway, that was a wild sexperience for sure.

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