• 2 years ago

In my head I know that I should just shrug it off but I can’t. I have never been in love before. I am in college, first time away from home, I went to a dance party and I danced with this girl. We got hot on the dance floor and I she kissed me and felt up my boobs. I never got to the end because this guy pulled me aside and went after me on the sofa, I didn’t want to and I was scared to get pregnant so he ended in my ass instead. Everything at the party was my first time.

He took me back to his apartment and I spent the night there. He gave me his toothbrush to brush my teeth, I won’t tell you what he does with me in the shower. He meets me after my classes to walk me on campus, he takes me to buy groceries so I can cook for him in his apartment, you name it, laundry, cleaning, cooking, every little thing that puts me in the role. He is a big man on campus and I am wee little freshman and everyone absolutely knows about me, I’m that girl from Virginia that was raised to look after a man. He found a keeper. He applied for grad school so I can finish my degree. I am not ready to get married but he is, he says I am the fish that is not going to get away. Many grad students are married but he forgets I am still a freshman. If I told my parents I am talking about getting married they are going to freak out.

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