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Last Thursday night I took my best friend out to celebrate his 35th birthday for dinner at Hooters out in the city, and later that evening he wanted to have more fun so after paying the tab we went cruising to the downtown business district to go to an adult entertainment place, which was no surprise to me since my friend insisted that we celebrate his landmark year in Charlie Sheen style. we spent a full hour in the striptease establishment and I was merely being a gentleman to all the lovely ladies working the late shift. One of them offered me a lap dance, but I kindly rebuffed because I couldn’t bear the idea of seeing myself taking advantage of a woman. My only reason for going was to celebrate my friend’s birthday, and I simply wanted to cover his share of fun and make certain he didn’t get into any trouble. To that end, I felt like I needed to relieve myself after baring witness to many gorgeous women; who’s sole job was to please us. I simply ejaculated to relieve myself from any doubts and stress, but mostly because I was excited from the experience in attending the adult club.

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  • Hopefully you did everything before you got sick from eating at Hooters.

    Anonymous March 12, 2019 6:26 pm Reply

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