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I get a pack of 4 or 5 small cucumbers at the grocery store. Sometimes I get a large cucumber too.

I torment my clit until I get wet and then I slip a small cucumber in and slide it in and out. They are just the right size and feel good. Then I slip a second cucumber in. I slide them both in and out together. They really fill me up.

When I feel the need to abuse myself I push a third and then a fourth cucumber in, and pump them all together. I’m so stretched and it hurts but yet is exciting.

I have put the big cucumber inside me and then pushed a small one in along side it. Sometimes I can shove two small ones in next to the big one. It feels like I’m splitting apart and like I will need to be sewn back together. It must be what it feels like to have a baby.

It makes me feel like the tramp that I am and like I’m being punished, with my bun split open and stuffed totally full so it hurts.

I found a cucumber that was big, fat and curved and I forced it up in. The curve hit the right spot and felt so good while the girth tore at my opening. Each stroke was gratifying and painful too. It pressed me just right inside but my opening was fully stretched, burning and sore.

I am a little slut and I should be caught and punished. My father is rarely home but sometimes I think about him catching me and then whipping me with his belt right between my legs.

I haven’t had sex with a boy, all the boys at school are wimps. I need to find a man who treats me ruff and abuses me and punishes me for being a slut.

I have Ben Wa balls too, and I have worn them to school and sat in classes with them up inside me. No one knew that a little slut was sitting there in the class with her bun filled up.

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  • Sounds like you need to find yourself a big ass nigger to come pull that pussy inside out for you. Maybe he can bring his friends over to share your other holes with them?

    Anonymous March 10, 2019 1:13 pm Reply

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