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On a walk in the woods with my girlfriend when we were both was really horny, asks if we can have sex in a secluded spot. She’s wearing a pretty short skirt so it’s quite easy to start. We are having sex for a bit, both really turned on and she says she wants me to “fuck me in my ass”. After being in her ass for a while she can feel I’m about to cum, she pushes back into me, hard, so I’m as deep inside her as I can be and I feel myself cumming, deeply inside her asshole. I put out and fully expect her to get cleaned up but she says “I’ve always wanted to do this”. She throws her panties in a bush and we continue walking right after. After a bit I see my cum leaking out of her ass and running down her leg. I ask if she’d like a tissue or something but she refuses. She said it’s always been a fantasy of hers to feel like a “dirty little slut” and be in public after sex. She refused to wipe it off until we got home.

One of the hottest experiences of my life

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  • Wow, that’s hot, so is she.

    Anonymous February 11, 2019 4:26 pm Reply

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