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IN those days I looked and beheld the troubles of ruination for man had cursed himself. AND they cried out, cries without ceasing so I took pity on them.

I stretched out my hand upon the void and the ether and brought time to a halt and all things stayed as they were. I clasped the nearby sphere and brought it to them and gather them up, everyone of them and placed them on the new land and the new water and swept aside the old sphere which they had desecrated. The new sphere in place of the old, and the old sphere where the new sphere had formerly rested.

AND it was good, with green lands and rich waters and blue sky. Then I touched the void and the ether and released time. Their cries ceased and they remembered me with gratitude. For who is like unto me?

Time flowed and they forgot and again brought ruin upon themselves. They looked out at the heavens and saw the nearby sphere in desolation which was the work of their hands but they knew it not. AND their new sphere became more like the old sphere.

And this is the STORY of Earth and MARS

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