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When I was in college I often couldn’t sleep so I’d walk around town at night. I’d stop by the bar or just explore different parts of town. One night I wandered behind a hotel and caught glimpse of someone taking their shirt off. It was a beautiful blonde woman roughly in her late 30’s. I then watched her get completely naked. I was hooked. I’ve peeped in windows before when I was younger but it had been awhile. I couldn’t do anything but watch and feel my penis start to throb. Then someone else came out of the bathroom, completely nude and dripping wet with a towel on her head. It was very likely her daughter – as she was also blonde with similar features. She was probably about 14 to 16 (I know, horrible, but beauty is beauty – I just saw two beautiful, fully developed women). I watched mother and daughter standing there naked in their hotel room together. One of them dripping wet. They exchanged a couple words and made each other laugh. I was awestruck. I just stood there outside in the dark summer air and jerked myself off to completion in my pants while watching them. I’ll never forget how incredible it was to see that.

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  • Never turn down a free look at a hot body, or two.

    Anonymous February 6, 2019 1:48 am Reply

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