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I was away over the weekend with my wife, we stayed at one of those ‘escape’ places in the busy – except this one was clothing optional. Everyone said it wasn’t a sexual thing and to be honest it wasn’t. People got naked if they wanted to or didn’t, it was all very chill and relaxing. Anyway my wife turned in early on the second night and I went up to the pool for a swim. Again, is was chill. I met some people and started chatting … I don’t know why, but I just got really turned on. I found myself sitting in a sauna with three guys. One of them was older and he was chatting to me while the other two (his friends) mostly just nodded along. We were all naked it wasn’t anything weird, but then I noticed he kept looking down at my cock – and stupid as it sounds my brain had not gone anywhere sexual at all, and then I suddenly realised I was in a dark, enclosed, hot, space with three naked guys.

Then randomly the first guy reaches over and grabs my dick, and he asks me ‘so, does this ever see any guy action?’. I was taken a back, but then found myself sort of just shaking my head as he kept stroking my cock – then he reached down and started blowing me. I just sat there kind of stunned, and then weirdly I looked at the other two guys. They stood up and walked across and just started jerking off at me, and for no reason I just leaned forward and starting stroking one while I sucked the other. I’m not gay, I’ve never done anything like it – but I was just caught up in the moment and overcome by it, and suddenly I’ve a cock in my mouth, another in one hand, and someone else blowing me. It was insane.

Things took off from there, and I found myself on my knees looking up at three cocks like some stupid slut – I sucked them all as best I could, but I had fuck all idea what I was doing. One of them just put his hands on the back of my head and starting pumping my throat, and it was all I could do not to choke. Meanwhile, I could feel the other two grabbing at my balls and ass, and I started to freak out about being fucked.

I was ‘saved’ because someone walked into the sauna and we all freaked out and covered up. I picked myself up and made an exit. Two of them followed me out to the showers, but I just kept shaking my head – they ended up cornering me in the shower block. It wasn’t rape or anything, but again I just felt compelled to do what they wanted. I said I wouldn’t fuck them, but I let them double team my mouth, taking turns fucking my mouth and throat while I just kind of took it all. They finished up both coming on my face and just walked off. I felt both terrified, exhilarated, and freaked out to the fucking max – but I also sort of wanted more … it was all kinds of bizzare.

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