• 2 months ago

My Mother and I have been having s** ever since my dad past Away. Mom’s sister came down to visit and my mom and me were having s** and my aunt walked in on us. I Got up and came into my room and was wondering what they were talking about. About 30 minutes after that my mom was knocking at my door. I told her it was open and she comes in my room naked. She said that she had a talk with my aunt and that she wanted to have s** with me. I told my mom yes I would. She tells me to go slow with her because she hasn’t had s** in a long time. I said I would. My Aunt comes in my room with this s*** underwear on. I’m naked already and I have her come over to the other side of the bed. I have her sit up on my bed and I start kissing her and she kisses me right back. She has a lot bigger tips than mom does and I started sucking on them. I put my hand in between her legs and start rubbing her clip. I help her take everything off. I lingered her till I knew that I could go inside her. She opened her legs wide and I started going in and out if her with ease. She Got off four times before we were done

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