• 5 days ago

To the brawd going off about men hating lesbians?

Lesbians don’t get much hate. As a straight man, from what I see, they don’t. Personally, I’m in different to them. First off LGBTQ as a collective are a strange group. They’re weird. That’s a fact. It’s not a group of people I willingly put myself around. Not willingly. I have worked with them, but that’s work. It’s not choice. They have a strange way of seeing the world they ARE strange. As a collective. It’s all mixed up and backwards thinking and being.

And most lesbians are not attractive anyway. Not personally, personality, or looks. Again, they’re strange, most of them don’t even like men. They dislike men. They don’t even have the courtesy to return a polite “hello” and the majority are physically ugly as well. Not attractive. Even a good looking one has masculine traits. Her face looks “manish”.

I think most men see lesbians as a complete write off. Indifference.