• 8 months ago

I swear on all the bloodshed in history that if one ONLY one even the most remote life of any of the people I know or my loved ones is lost to this Chinese animal abuse terrorism virus I will spend all the seconds of my life hunting down any and all the Chinese and murder them dead with the most painful slowest methods possible to make sure they will be put through the maximum suffering. Every single one of them including their down syndrome turdface kids and their whore cocksucking women. Kudos and much thanks to those of you out there who are doing what is all our responsibility and duty in distributing justice by killing the Chinese for you are doing all innocent lives on this planet a massive favor that ensures their lives won’t be ruined or lost to Chinese terrorism.
#ChineseVirus #KillAllChinese #NukeChina #NukeTheChinese #ChineseAreTheTerrorists #TheChineseHaveToBeMadeToPay #PainForTheChinese

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