• 1 year ago

I’m his Mommy. He is eight. There are two circlets on either side of his little bed which hold his wrists and his ankles. Yesterday night I put him in a cloth diaper and fixed him face down into the circlets. Then I put margarine into his b*** cleft and onto the shaft of the vibro and I fucked him up the rear with it. I know how to catch the prostate with the vibrating tip, so I gave him four orgasms one after the other. He asked, begged, pleaded for another o***** but I said no, relationships take time to develop and he’d get the vibro again in a couple of days. Then I got the Fleshlight and pumped his c*** with it while I squeezed his balls by hand. I didn’t let him climax. I prick teased him and left him squirming with the agony of blue balls. I left him in the circlets to stop him m***********. This morning I gave him a h*******, but I wish I’d left him needing to m********* as he sat at his desk at school with an uncomfortable erection stretching his underpants.

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