• 3 weeks ago

Early in January 2020, before any of this happened, I had a premonition that you would “friend dump me.”

You say it’s all my fault. But I knew even before I got a new job, before I moved, before I got a boyfriend, that you would one day friend dump me.

Someone says it’s because you were looking to meet a specific need from me, and once you no longer needed what you needed from me, you threw me by the wayside. With making excuses, that I was the one in the wrong.

You can demean me all you want. I am different person today. I am the not the shy, little girl who was OK with being demeaned by you. I love myself more than that.

I am walking away from you and your toxicity. All of your cards and letters are in a box, waiting to be burned or opened in 40 years.

I am walking away from you. I am walking away from 2022.

Thank you.

Good Bye.