• 2 weeks ago

If you’re afraid of homosexuals, then don’t you think that your fear is based off of an idea and a small percentage of a perspective of an entire community based off of your personal feelings from being hurt by one? What? You weren’t emotionally hurt by one? Then why are you crying little bitch? You obviously are a closeted case so deep in your own self denial you can’t fathom reality that your truth is a lie. You should feel blessed when in the presence of a royal gay. A man more manly than you. We can take entire socks up our asses and you can’t even sweep the kitchen to help your wife? You’re all fucking pussies and the gays don’t baby you. We do our shot and get it done, that’s why we run the majority of the country in the chairs of your CEO’s and the men you look up to. The men that say the same things you do are the same ones calling us at 2 am when your girlfriend is on her period.