• 2 weeks ago

If there was a way of accurately testing who was and wasn’t attracted to “underage/prepubescent” humans the world would be in absolute shock! At absolute minimum it would 50% of the world’s population, but more like 70 to 80%. Ask yourself this. Apart from age what is the actual difference between an adult vagina/anus and a prepubescent vagina/anus? I’m strictly talking appearance. Apart from size they all look the same apart from pubic hair which most adult females remove anyway. Infact I’d be willing to bet most adult females would much prefer to be naturally hairless down there if they could. Not to mention under the arm’s, legs and all other unwanted hairy places. If shown 2 cropped pictures of femsle genitalia, one being “prepubescent” and the other being around 25yo to 1000 random heterosexual men and not told one was a “childs” I guarantee you most men would choose the “prepubescent” genitalia as being the more attractive. This would also work with a cropped image of say an 8yo girl in a tight fitting pair of elastic pants or other type clothing. Most so called “NON-PEDO” men shown that cropped image would say “yes that’s an attractive ass” if they we’re under the impression it was an image of a “legal” aged female. My point is most “PAEDOPHILIA” if not the majority has nothing to do with AGE it has to do with the natural attraction to GENITALIA which by default is SEXUAL. The whole “PAEDOPHILIA IS ABOUT THE INNOCENCE OF A CHILD” thing is BULLSHIT in most cases. But even when a person is attracted to “INNOCENCE” what is actually wrong about that? I personally find “INNOCENCE” to be a quite beautiful quality for a person to have regardless of age. Innocence just means you haven’t been corrupted by the evils of society. Hate, judgement, criminality, why wouldn’t one find that attractive?? I’m saying sex with children should be legalized but I saying it is absolutely NORMAL in nature to be sexually attracted to minors. No one who is should be ashamed of it. I’m not. 😁