• 2 weeks ago

About 9-10 years ago I was at my aunt’s house for a get together her and her boyfriend had going on. It was the typical drinking and laughing loud type party. It was fun. Adults were downstairs and all the kids were upstairs. I was around 22 at the time. My aunt’s best friend and her bf got into an argument causing him to leave the house for the night. By this time almost everyone was passed out so I talked to her to try and cheer her up a bit. We drank some more and had some laughs and whatnot then suddenly it went black and I wake back up to me and her making out in a spare bedroom. Her boobs are out and I have my hand massaging her over her panties. She eventually let me insert a finger and I let her pull my dick out as well. I turned her around and tried to put my dick in her but she pushed back and said “I can’t. I love my family” so I stopped and said okay that’s all good. She kissed me again and started stroking me for a while. We fooled around for a while doing everything but actual sex. Fast forward a few months later and this time we’re at her house and her boyfriend is drunk as hell trying to show his friend how to chokehold someone so me and her slip out the back and make our way to the place where they kept their mini horse and started making out again. Eventually I convinced her to let me go inside with her and we went to her bedroom and continued. Her bf is still bullshitting with the guy about chokeholds. She was worried he would walk in but I thought that made it more exciting. She eventually grabbed me and let me fuck her. I’d never seen a woman cum so quick but it was hot. She made some noise uncontrollably and I was worried he would walk in any second but he didn’t so I kept going and as I’m getting close to climaxing she says she’s about to cum again. She said I should pull out but when it came to it I couldn’t especially with her cumming almost the same time as me. It was intense and even after that I still wanted to be around her and kiss her. Eventually we snuck out back again and pretended like we were there talking about whatever the whole time. Her bf never found out and we did it quite a lot after that even after they tied the knot. It’s been a while since we last hooked up but she recently texted me and said she misses my visits. I feel kinda guilty but at the same time she has caught him trying to get BJs from women on craigslist so he’s no angel. Something about hooking up with her while he’s in the house makes it that much better. I’ve shared some of my fantasies with her as well and she digs those too. Oh I should mention that her and my aunt have been best friends forever. She actually used to watch me when I was 2 and she was 10-11 years old. Told her I always wanted to fool around with my aunt (her best friend) when drunk. She said she would join in if that ever happened which is like the ultimate fantasy.