• 5 days ago

You want to kick a Jewboy in the nuts – think about the delicious anticipation: Was me, (If I were an American – I am not) Hust call an American Income Tax Investigator (it only takes a telephone call to say “what about Steve Kirsch’s “Overall” substack****?), I would be looking through Steve Kirsch’s “Overall” Substack**** with a fine toothcomb for all of the hidden Taxes I could recover for Biden, I am sure Steve Kirsch could prop up Biden financially, just from his yearly Income Taxes???and then there are those overseas countries too, like Google???and what about back taxes, if any can be found, unpaid?

Also, Steve Kirsch must be paying millions out in Royalty payments through his industrial arms, having acknowledged the inventors of the products he sells, but if he pays nothing, then he has stolen those inventions and that is “not just right”, is it?

Unless Steve Kirsch is in bed with Biden, which I doubt, I imagine Biden has his own thoughts about Steve Kirsch. Al Capone for example – look what happened to him? Show me a businessman, I’ll show you someone on the fiddle for taxation evasion.