• 2 months ago

My ex sister in law is now a fuck buddy. And oddly enough it was their mother that established the situation. Ex mother in law, when the marriage to my ex wife started to decay, actually said to me privately that she wished I had married her other daughter. After the divorce my newly ex sister in law, herself never married, showed up one day on my doorstep suggesting we go out for a drink. I suggested she come in for one. No idea it was going to end up this way, just figured whatever was on her mind would be about her sister. We talked for a while and of course with alcohol the topics strayed and she joked about wishing she had a clean reliable trustworthy cock in her life when she needed some dick. I was just tipsy enough to point out I had one. She said funny enough their mother had said the same thing. And then she stood up and suggested I join her in the shower and it has been going on ever since. Sometimes she just comes over when she wants sex, other times she stays the night or weekend. After it had gone on for a few weeks their mother texted me and told me we mutually owed each other sincere thanks. Her to me for her other daughter seeming much happier and me to her for planting the idea in her head.