2 years

People who do NOT endorse your LGBTQ deviant behavior are not pigs. YOU are the pig for sticking your p**** up some man’s a** and getting s*** all over it! That’s filthy.

Someone’s ancestry, where you imagine that there might perhaps, just maybe be some gay predecessor who had to marry, was closeted or some other imagined scenario has NOTHING to do with reality. It in no way justifies your sick conduct.

Stop blaming other people for YOUR mental illness. You are mentally ill. You and your ilk fantasize that men get pregnant and give birth, that men need tampons because they menstruate, and that men are really women but you can’t define what a woman is. You live in a world totally devoid of reality and constructed of your perverse insanity.

You insist on inflicting your sickness on others. The dumass is you.

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