• 1 year ago

The roots of all evil and all that is wrong with this world is men.
Rape, child abuse, wars, violence, animal abuse, domestic violence, abuse of women, destruction of nature, meat industry, the vile world of politics, selfishness, ignorance, lies, delusions, regression, dictatorships, religious fanaticism, obstruction of justice, wasting resources, pollutions, mass murders, school shootings, gang violence, drug trafficking and abuse, alcohol abuse, a lot of natural disasters including earthquakes and nuclear incidents, atomic bombs, bombings, racism, fascists, human trafficking, narcissism, selfentitlement syndrome, regression, sadism, disrespect, etc. is men. With that and how men are 4 times more likely to be born with a major mental disease that would need close monitoring and how generally ugly both inside and outside men are it’s no wonder why the sane population of this planet wishes men and male fetuses dead and gone for good so that this world would become safe and thriving and a decent place for all other living beings who actually deserve to be alive.

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