• 2 months ago

The truth of men and how revoltingly diseased and parasitically cowardly destructive retarded and necessary to be killed and removed of this world they are is what you clearly see in places like Afghanistan and Arabic countries and any other places where men using Islam as their exploitation tool have made life a stinky hellhole where every living soul is suffering and getting unlawfully hurt and killed. The only way to save world and all the beautiful living beings in it that deserve to be alive is to kill all men and abort all male fetuses so that no more rapists, terrorists, dictators, fascists, delusional dirts, murderers, islamic fanatics, child abusers, pedophiles, wifeabusers, animal abusers, incels, disgusting scums, bullies, deranged useless wastes of space, demented oxygen wasters, sexcrazed lunatics, retards, aggressive autistic loons, narcissists, abusers, ugly bearded useless chatterboxes, etc. would ever come into existence to sully the world. See what Taliban and ISIS is? That’s what men truly are. 🙂