• 4 days ago

Accidentally walked in on a coworker masturbating behind her desk in her office last week. Nothing on display had her skirt hiked up and hand in her panties.
She was so embarassed and ashamed and I told her it was fine and would not tell anyone. Was about to walk out and impulsively turned around and asked if I could watch. Her faced turned bright red but she nodded. I closed her office door and moved her guest chair across her office so would not be too close. She went back to it eyes closed and when she got close I just spoke her name. She opened her eyes and looked at me and came her brains out. I thanked her for letting me watch and left her in peace. Yesterday was my first day in office since then and I was at my desk catching up when she stopped by to thank me for not telling and not space invading on her. Then she closed my door took my guest chair across the room and hiked up her skirt and slid her hand into her panties and never looked away as she repeated the performance. As she did so she admitted that she had masturbated all weekend thinking of being watched. When she got close she asked me to say her name again and sure enough she came long and hard. Her struggle to be quiet was so erotic to watch. She got up to leave but as she did she leaned over my desk and I was looking straight down her cleavage and had this sexy smile on her face and suggested that next time I should do it while she did it.