• 4 days ago

hi every one i have to say i need to do this too be honest with my wife and myself my name is D i just cannt stop wearing my wifes clothes and i means she the same waist as me a 12 love wearing the same things as i like to wear no harm no foul she nos ive been with other men she was happy but too the piont some of the best sex i had was in our bed when she was at work and it was bareback he just flattly didnt wear a condom the first time i have anal sex with me i didnt no at the time but to feel him inside me done it once so everytime after we did it bareback we are separated now she go everything and the guy well i believe it was his intention to destroy my life anyways i i need to say this and hope she ever reads this as she will no its about her….. i no you watch me and Paul a couple of time i even seen the web searches. and i also no i waas honest about what i was into sexually and kink wise sadly u were never Honest with your self and im sorry well not together but i told you i couldnt stop its like a force of nature and so “H” dont for one minute think im not going to stop being honest about what the relationship was based on my truth your lie than for reading this and maybe laughting at my so “D” had “H” but due to “P” videoing and putting them on xtubes etc “D” is now a single slut ps “P” i would love to meet up again and ill give you permission to film me