• 1 month ago

Obsessed with my sister-in-law, Mandy (my wife’s youngest sister). I always thought she was very attractive and sexy from the moment we met. She stayed with us shortly after we got married. I honestly didn’t mean to, but I saw her naked then. I was taking the trash to the curb after dark and looked up to see her through her bedroom window, just out of the shower. I froze and instantly got hard. I watched as she took off her towel to reveal perfect big tits and totally bald pussy. I hid in the yard and stroked off watching her put on her thong and bra. I sneaked into her room the next day while the she and my wife were out. She was only staying for 2 weeks but I went through her bag to check out her underwear, and counted just over 60 pairs. Not really pairs, she is a very sexy dresser and wears thongs almost exclusively. It was like when she was packing she just opened her panty drawer and scooped out a huge handful, they were a tangled mess. I took several and hid them since I knew she wouldn’t miss them. I found a silky full butt panty and started stroking my cock with them, then went to her dirty laundry pile. I found a thong that was pale blue silk with black polka dots on the front and a black cotton thong and waistband. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled a nicer pair of dirty panties- rich and musky. I stretched it over my face so I could sniff and lick the crotch while jacking off until I shot cum all over her clean panties. I still have all those panties I stole from her 13 years ago, plus I make a point of taking at least 1 more whenever she’s visiting us or we visit her. I have 24 of them now.