• 2 weeks ago

The world is fucked. Take a look around you… so many aspects
Technology, Humans…. Just society as a whole actually.

We are like yeast;
The yeast start off growing, feeding, being successful but a byproduct of this is alcohol. After a while the alcohol levels are so high they all kill themselves off.

We can compare this to what is happening with us.
We started off small, grew, got smarter, used more resources up until now. Our by-product is all of our waste.

Ethier we will kill ourselves off by our own waste or what is happening now, war. For no reason ethier. It’s just a publicity stunt to rile every other country up to start an all out war. (We will kill ourselves off by non recyclable weaponry…

Jesus, tryin to be serious but I’m too tired. Tired of being part of this race, we are horrible…. man, I’m going to be happy when we all die off. No longer will this beautiful planet suffer from absolute retards.

None of this makes sense unless I extrapolate all of the knowledge about this but I cant remember, fucking memory loss

What am I doing here?

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