• 1 year ago

I’m in my early 35 and I’ve worked hard to buy a house and being good at my job. I’m reasonably attractive, dating since I was 15, lost my virginity at 17, and was engaged for a time before breaking up with my fiancé. Last year, one of my friends was telling me about this guy (in his early to mid 20z) they just hired. The guy was moving clear across the country for the job, only bring what he could fit in his car, right after he finished his graduate degree (graduating). My friend was trying to help the guy out by helping him find a temporary living arrangement until he could secure something permanent. I agreed to let him stay in a spare bedroom.

When I met him, I was instantly attracted to him, but didn’t do anything about due to him being so much younger than me. As I got to know him, I realized that he appeared to be attracted to me, but seemed a little shy, hesitant because I’m older (didn’t stop him from staring at my breasts). We had gotten a little tipsy one night and it gave him the confidence to kiss me, touching my breasts and sticking his hands down my pantries. We didn’t have sex that night, although I gave him a bj and fingered me and sucked/kissed my nipples. Although, he came quicker than I expected, I had assumed he was just sexually inexperienced, not a virgin, but I digress.

Since I am comfortable with my body and since we had made out a little bit, I asked if he was ok with me walking around in very little clothing (being naked). He was fine with it and began to do the same. I probably should’ve taken it back, as I realized his attraction room to me was growing, that he was frequently hard. I could also hear him masturbating at least 2x/day, I could occasionally hear him saying my name while masturbating. That I’m of itself isn’t bad because I was as equally attracted to him.

Well, when I came back from a 2 week work trip I could hear him masturbating. I thought the door to the bedroom was closed so I proceeded to head to my bedroom. As I went by I realized the door was open, seeing him…he was fucking a sex doll, saying my name. He was startled to see me, but he was still hard. He began stroking his dick, quickly turning back around to cum onto the doll. I think I’m just as weird as he is because I asked him if he wanted to have sex with me. He said yes. I got undressed, pushing him onto the bed, climbed on top of him, guiding his dick into my eye pussy. I had barely started riding him when he cam. He was a virgin and the closest he had gotten to sex with the sex doll. Needless to say, I have had se. with him a couple times a day.