• 7 days ago

Please send hate to this man his name is Aman Ashraf. He is a selfish bastard that doesn’t care about anyone except this underaged girl who he fell in love with.. first thing he does is forms some kind of friendship with you… then he pretends like he cares about you and asks you to help him and when your no longer of use to him.. he just discards you like your a piece of trash.. not only that but this guy is a pedophile he fell in love with an underaged girl named Riya Jaiswal but here’s where things get interesting this girl is a total bitch and she doesn’t love Aman at all she just uses him as her slave and Aman went completely brainwashed after meeting her… but that doesn’t change anything because he turned into a completely heartless person and he doesn’t deserve anything good in life so feel free to send him as much hate as you want here’s his socials – $napchat – phoenix_hades and ^nstagram – _haades_ ps: don’t bother sending hate to Riya because she can’t even speak English properly.