• 7 days ago

You havent even begun to see my evil. Ive been holding it back this entire time. Thats what this website was for. It was my ventbox. I posted here so i wouldnt actually fuck with you irl. Now im taking it back to the real world. Theres certain lines i refused to cross that will no longer be off limits on monday. I know how to really break you , because i also know how to heal you. Two sides of the same coin. Get your heaf out of your ass quick, Siren. This is your final warning. Do not post herr. I will not respond. Hit ne up directly and say “Squirtle squad” and literally nothing else and ill throw it in reverse and go back to what I was doing so well before your boyfriend made me relapse. I was two weeks clean from porn and then i see some dude getting a golden shower in public. If you want me to keep fighting, you have to reach out to me. Otherwise, this is gonna get real vicious and ugly. I know exactly how to break you. And i know how raise you up. Thats your choice, not mine. But one of the two is gonna happen. If you dont choose, thats a choice in itself. In that case, You pick violence and hate over love and compassion.