• 7 days ago

Also who the fuck said I want you to take care of me siren? I want to take care of you. I just need you close to me. The second you hugged me all of my pain would melt away in an instant and id start crying like a fucking baby. I just want you to be here. I wluld be your fucking CHAMPION. You bave no idea the magnitude of strength you actually inspire in me. I am only half tge man i would be tommorow if you knocked on my door. The immediate change in my temperament would seem miraculous to you. If you gave me one chance you wouldnt regret it, and the fact you refuse is why im gonna destroy you. This is 100% your fault after today. You have til sunday to meet with me face to face, or there will be no turning back. This is your last chance to do the right thing and place your faith in me in real life, or i will become everything you despise and fear out of pure spite.