• 2 weeks ago

I have half a dozen dead cars and trucks in my yard. I can fix them but don’t. I let them set because they piss off my nosey cat lady neighbor. She is constantly infringing on my yard with plants and bushes that grow out of control. Her plant have created a haven for snakes and rodents and now they are a problem again. My neighbors on the other side dumped a bunch of money into their house to flip it. Because of location it has become a very lucrative area. A stuck up 20 something doctor from a rich family was looking at it, but her father didn’t like my vintage work truck. He told the owners he was going to come tell me to get rid of it but they advised against it so he didn’t. When they finally sold it, the family that bought it LOVED my cars and projects and said it was exactly what they were looking for- real people who weren’t uppity and asinine. Now if only the cat lady would move on.