• 1 week ago

I had a girlfriend for awhile when I was 22 and she was 23. I had her gently tied to my bed nude. We had been using the awesome plug in vibrator we had bought hours ago. It was getting a good break in. She had even vibrated my cock and balls for good cum loads in her sucking mouth.
Making her orgasm with the toy, and fucking her gave me power. After almost 2 hours of what got way out of hand using her sweet body I untied her. I threw a leak, cleaned up and poured another two drinks before going back to bed stroking my eveready cock. After a minute she got up on shaky legs and stumbled to the restroom, peed, took a few minutes to clean up and stumbled back. Before she passed out spooning me I worked enough of my cock in her pussy enough stay inside her and joined her in sleep.