• 1 week ago

Why don’t I crush your throat with a baseball bat so you can’t laugh anymore? After all, that little laugh made my blood boil and I wanted to hurt you so bad. So why then did i drive away instead of going apeshit when I was so close to your house? See, you made it clear that you are worthless and your opinions mean nothing to me. Like a popular girl in high-school, there’s nothing below the surface. I took a week off to evaluate my feelings, and came to a conclusion: You are really only good for wank bait and nothing else… Its a shame all your suicide attempts failed, since you’re such a bitch-ass waste of space. You’re just like everyone else, you shallow, judgemental piece of trash. You deserve nothing but contempt. Hide like the rat you are. Suffer. You’re already starting to look busted and aged and your voice sound like a dude. So good job,, You got me off your back, but only cause I realized you’re a living pile of impacted shit. I’ll never stop talking shit about you, just won’t do it publicly where you can see it. Ima take my 7 inch dick and my 3 hour love sessions and go find some dick starved beauties itching to get wild because of all this isolation and make em cum so hard they squirt like a firehouse and can’t walk straight for the rest of the day. Then im gonna cook em dinner and give em a shoulder massage while they bitch about their day cause I’m sensitive and shit. Enjoy lying in bed all day sober and traumatized with your saggy skin and gross digestive issues. I hope your self-satisfaction keeps you warm at night when your man is out photographing other naked girls. By the way Siren… Your tits are itty bitty and your neckline and limbs looks like someone’s grandmothers with how veiny and droopy looking everything is. You’re gonna be just as fat, unnatractive, and unstable as your mother in no time. If I never see you again it will be too soon. Slut.