• 5 days ago

I could not believe it was actually happening like I posted the fantasy about a while back. I was shaking from excitement not just the cold. I could feel the cold of the concrete on my knees thru my jeans as I knelt hidden behind the decorative brick short wall surrounding his front porch. Cars wooshed past in the early morning dark just a block away, I could hear dogs barking in neighboring yards. I felt his balls crawling and tightening in my palm as I gently cupped and squeezed them, keeping them warm and protected from the cold air. I looked up at him in the dark as his face was still in shock, and as I traces my own lips with the head of his thick veiny cock, keeping it warm in my grip, feeling how impossibly hot and hard it was, and I said to him “It’s ok Dale, old men have needs just like younger men, and I would love to do this for you, please let me…” He said nothing, just looked down at my upturned face, his precum clinging to my lower lip, and he looked so uncertain. I teased the swollen head of his cock with the tip of my tongue and he gasped, and I closed my eyes and wrapped my lips around it lovingly. Slow gentle nursing as I felt it swell in my mouth, his hips flexed and he moaned “oh fuck…” and I felt his hand rest on the back of my head and press gently. I removed my hand gripping his cock and let him press my face down into his lap, and he whimpered and let go. It was so scalding hot, strong bitter and thick, almonds and salt and a slight musky taste of urine. I moaned and murmured as it pulsed deep in my mouth, letting it pool in my mouth for a moment before slowly steadily swallowing his neglected lonely sperm as it flowed slowly in weak ongoing pulses, I barely remembered to squeeze his balls more firmly as I felt the repeated throbs until they slowed and stopped. I swallowed a few more times to tease his cock head before holding it still, cradling this old man’s cock with reverence in my warm mouth as it swiftly grew small and limp in my mouth. He jumped slightly when he heard his daughter and son in law stir inside the house, and I gently tucked him back into his pants and let him fumble his pants closed and his belt refastened. I stood quickly, briefly dizzy as my head reeled with the afterglow rush of sucking cock that I had not experienced in nearly two years, and I said quietly “thank you more than I can say, and I hope you let me do this for you again soon….I need to duck back in and make coffee….” I walked the twenty feet back to my own front porch next door, savoring the sticky film of my neighbor’s sperm in my mouth and in my throat, loving the memory of briefly feeling the heat of his cum landing in my stomach as I tiptoed into my own dark house, feeling my own cock semi erect, soft but plump and twitching, dripping with unfulfilled need in my jeans as I made coffee and waited for my wife to wake up. It was a little regretfully that I took the first big swigs of hot coffee because they cleaned the remains of my neighbor’s sperm from my mouth and throat, and I lit a cigarette and smoked it slowly with a low smile of contentment, the same contented smile I had always gotten since I had first sucked my great uncle’s cock and drunk deeply of an old man’s sperm when I was 14. I smiled larger and warmly when my wife walked into the room and I bid her a very happy and sincere good morning, hoping that my neighbor Dale did not freak out and avoid me in the future but grateful I had started my own morning in one of my two favorite ways – face down in my wife’s pussy or with an old man’s sperm in my stomach.