• 5 days ago

I bet covid has a lot of fucked up things happening, can’t be just me. My stepmother caught me jerking off early on, no big deal, it happens. But when she caught me again two days later it was when I did not hear her come in while I was jerking to porn on my computer. So she gave me the talk about masturbation ok but porn bad etc, little awkward but still not a huge thing. But the fucked up part? A few days later she emails me a link that I should go to at a specific time, and when it was time ittakes me to a webcam site. It did not take me long to recognize it was her/my father’s bedroom, and then she appears. She was smiling into the camera the whole time she did a slow undressing and eventually a masturbation show. It was holy fuck times infinity, I was too stunned to even jerk off watching it. It was amazing and beautiful and erotic to watch. A moment after it ended she emailed me while still in their room telling me it’s just for me, just between us, and gave me a download link for the video of what I had just watched. She said to just let her know the next time I needed something to watch instead of random porn. Then I dl’d the video and was jerking for hours. When I came out she was smiling and said I must have enjoyed it because I was in my room so long and I was beet red. She gave me a quick simple lecture about how this was better for me than random porn and that if I could learn to “channel my frustrations responsibly” she would make me videos whenever I wanted. And then even more shocking, told me that she wanted to be able to trust me with this as something special. So I have been getting my own personal videos of her all through the covid situation, and for Christmas she hid a special surprise present for me. In my room I found a gift of a pair of her worn panties and a note that said she had enjoyed training me to masturbate to her, and that she wanted to make it special now that she knew she could trust me. With th4 pair of panties, there was also a new webcam that she wrote was for us to start being able to watch each other live/at the same time from our own rooms. And that I was also allowed and encouraged to make masturbation videos for her. Looking forward to doing that for her and with her over the webcams.