• 2 months ago

How far down the rabbit hole do we need yo go? How much more brainwashing will we have to put up with? How dumb downed before we see the truth. Omg! They’re killing us so they can get richer! When will you see it? Everyone who works is a slave. You say, “well if we don’t work, we don’t eat.” And that’s why they own you and and that’s how and why you became slaves.
What do they say about eating where you shit??
Oh boy, it goes a lot deeper than that.
If only you weren’t too dumb downed and brainwashed to see it.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.
If you’re purchasing and eating your food from grocery stores and restaurants, then you’re eating shit. Plain and simple.
Think about it a while.
They say elephants never forget. What about other animals? Such as cattle.
Then you eat fruits, vegetables and meats from these places and everything else they sell then you get diseases, heart conditions, diabetes, stomach problems, glandular problems and mental illnesses. And believe me you do have mental illness. What else could it be? Because you’re not thinking right. You’re destroying everything. EXCEPT, THE VERY THINGS THAT ARE MAKING YOU SICK PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY IN THE FIRST PLACE.
And if we don’t change, we, as supposedly sentient beings, are all doomed.