• 6 months ago

To: My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 17 months.
Me: Don’t say anything to him. Perhaps the way you approached this, was the way he needed to become involved with you and then the ends justify the means and it makes no sense to me that you would throw a spanner in the works and probably lose him altogether, because then, he won’t ever be able to trust you again.
Seriously, everyone lies, you, me, him, them, everyone and it is always about getting our way, or bettering ourselves, or about money and nobody is completely honest, so don’t let you worry about the way you hooked him into the relationship he has with you – you got him and that is all that matters.
Learn to forgive yourself and stop thinking about the lie you told him at the outset and you will find with time that you will forget how you got to be together and live your life as fully and completely as you can and for him too.
Your initial lie is really silly and a little deception, never hurt anyone, is my advice to you.