• 6 months ago

To: My brother wants to get me pregnant
Me: The safest way to avoid getting pregnant is to blast some water from a shower up there and flush your cunt out – letting his sperm drop out of you is not going to work – because all it takes is one sperm to fertilize your egg, in your cunt, to make you pregnant.
If you are a minor, say under 18 or under 14 in some American States, then if he makes you pregnant, that is Incest, which is illegal by Law in many countries, not counting that fucking you, irrespective of your age, if you are under 14 is considered to be rape, because you cannot consent, because the Law has decided you don’t have the sexual maturity to know right from wrong……
If you like what he does to you and sex with him, well and good, but we are talking about for the rest of your life and do you want to live with that secret and never tell anyone about the sex you have together?