• 1 week ago

A few months ago some asshole posted a video of two women stomping a tiny kitten to death with their bare feet on Facebook.

Ever since then I have been damaged by what I saw and I think the only way I’m going to feel whole again is if I can the people who made that video and kill them all.

I’m not a killer, but I hate that I feel that way. I just want for them to suffer the consequences of taking the lives of the animals I later found out they have murdered on camera.

These people have killed tiny kittens, puppies, bunnies, ducks and chickens with their feet and it’s a part of some kind of fettish culture in the dark web.

I want to find all the people behind these videos and I want hurt them as they hurt other living creatures. I hate them and I to kill them, but I’m not a killer, but I fantasize about finding them and killing them for their vile ugliness and inspiring my own dark thoughts.

I hate that I hate them so much that I want to kill them. I never been consumed with such dark thoughts before seeing that horrific video and I hate them for the rage I feel inside.