• 7 months ago

To: It’s funny how now men are weeping and begging everyone to tell them why they are despised and hated
Me: There was a time, only a few years ago, that anyone who declared themselves different to male and female sex, would be arrested and hanged, both in America and England and all Muslim Countries under Sharia, still execute Gays from whichever gender, either at chop chop square, or running them off a high building.
The Muslim population is currently 90% of all world religions and I agree totally with the viewpoint that all gays, irrespective of sex and all other weird combinations, are sick, they will not advance our civilization, in a clean and respectful manner, as is clearly seen and with Coronavirus, Covid-19 decimating populations, it is about time we men started disposing of all Gays and other Queers and re-establish our countries back into wholesome sexual practices between males and females and nothing else being acceptable, just like the Muslims and Hindu’s do.
You gay fuck – I would execute you in an instant, because of your pathetic viewpoint and opinion that normal wholesome sex is wrong and your queer behavior is right, destroys our civilization of thousands of years and advances Muslim religions into our countries because you weaken it with your queer, non producing, children, behavior – shudder!!
What must your parents think of you, that they wasted their lives to produce you and you would accomplish nothing in continuing their, line because of your Queer sex.
They must wonder what they did wrong to produce you – as I would if you were mine – however extermination quickly sorts the grain from the trash, which you are.
Enjoy being queer while you can.