• 2 weeks ago

Every month since I was ten years old I spilled blood out of my uterus. The life cycle book says that it is normal to have a menstral cycle every month for one week. The life cycle book says that a girls body goes to ovalation where her fallopian toobs moves to her overuse to secrete eggs so a girl can get pregnant. As a result of the process of eggs secreted in the overies I’m the girl bleeds during her menstral cycle.

Uneducated people have accused me of being a sex addict in order to have a menstral that bleeds. My great grandparents were real native Americans and royalty native Americans. Pocahontas was an Indian princess that bleed during her menstral like I do. I’ve been called a slut for being part Indian. They took my children away. The gynecologist pulled out all my uterus because she was predudice of my body. African American discovered I was not all their race and they hate me. I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m a victim of racism.

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