• 2 weeks ago

To: Jesus said repent and believe the gospel,
Me: There was no Jesus, there is no God, you have been taken for a ride by whoever preaches this rubbish to you, for whatever their reasons are, as you don’t have any thoughts of your own, but rabbit theirs.
Jesus was supposed to have lived 2020 years ago and do you think he or anyone from that long ago, would give a blind fuck about you 2020 years later – do you give a blind fuck about anyone 2020 years into your future, beyond your comprehension – no, of course you don’t.
Get a grip idiot. You have been Catfished by whoever teaches you the religion you believe in and I’ll suggest something else too, if he or she gets Coronavirus, he or she will probably die, just the same as you and if this clown does not have any mortal protection from the same things which can kill you, what are his or her reasons for preaching this shit to you – what do they personally get out of it and once you know that, then you have your answer – you have been mind fucked for that person’s needs, which you provide through the fear he has built into you, so that you do whatever he commands.
Want to prove for yorself he is as human as you and not in touch with his God, who won’t save him from anything – take him up a really high building and drop him over the side, with the advice that if he is really a representative of God on this earth, God will protect him and he won’t fall to his death and if God does, then this person will be the first one ever, to avoid death by falling from a great height.
I rest my case – infallible logic.

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