• 6 months ago

I married my high school sweet heart. Now about 30 years later we decided to spice up our love life just a little . And bring a friend in . We talked about it for a long time . My husband said I know someone lets talk to him . We knew this guy for many years. We invited him over and talked to him . He was very excited over this . We planned the date . Big date night came. We jumped in bed and started making out. Our friend left his underwear on . I thought it was little strange. He even once pushed my hand away while trying to feel for his dick. I just thought he was just being shy . Finally I was ready and told hubby to fuck me . Our friend had gotten up and sat in a chair and watched my hubby fuck me . Thought that was little strange oh well Ok what do I know. Hubby finished and pulled out . Our friend new friend stood up and asked are you ready ? I replied god yes. He then slid his underwear off . Hubby said oh my god . This guy had the largest dick I’ve seen live ! I asked how long are you , He replied just about ten inches .All I could say was oh my ! He joined me in our bed . I opened my legs and said take me . My hubby asked are you sure ? Looked over at hubby told him your time to watch . He then came up and slowing penetrated my willing body . I moaned with delight . I wrapped my legs around him and told him to fuck me. I then Held on to the bed board while he thrust-ed and pounded me . Once again I moaned very loud. While hubby watched on. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and finally released . I looked up and said fuck me again . We fucked again while hubby watched. Now the Truth! Thinking now that hubby will never ask to share the bed unless he checks out the other guy 🙂 Because I enjoyed this way to much !