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California’s summer outbreak makes it the first state with half a million cases.

California passed a grim milestone on Friday, becoming the first state to report more than 500,000 cases of the coronavirus, according to a New York Times database.

In per capita terms, both the infections and deaths in California — the country’s most populous state, with 40 million residents — remain lower than in many other states, including Florida, where the concentration of cases is the worst in the nation. Three more states have reported more than 400,000 cases — Texas, Florida and New York — and no other had more than 200,000 as of Friday.

Nonetheless, the state reported a record 197 new coronavirus deaths on Wednesday. The average weekly fatalities have doubled since the beginning of July. The virus also officially spread to the last of the state’s 58 counties, with two cases reported in remote Modoc County, which is at the Nevada and Oregon borders.

“It’s here,” the county’s director of health services said in a news release, “and we could see the number of cases increase in the next few weeks.”
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