• 2 weeks ago

To: Heads up, trigger warning for a suicide mention, if that bothers anyone.
Me: you are only responsible for your own health and safety and cruel though it might sound, you cannot get mixed up with what this person is threatening to do, because if you do, you will suffer emotionally from that too.
You have to stand back and think of things in the 3rd party.
Whatever they do, it has nothing directly to do with you, it is the responsibility of Psych’s, Doctors, hospitals and other people, to manage a person’s mental problems outside your remit.
When you offload all responsibility, you unload the mental anguish involved with being unable to stop anything which might happen, irrespective of your input, or not.
There are always winners and losers in any community and you seem to be a winner and they seem to be losers, so keep it so.
Remember, birds of a feather flock together and you are obviously not of their feather, so you should be looking around for other strong people like yourself to hang around with – because how things are, for you right now, is not a natural consequence.
Best Wishes.

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