• 2 weeks ago

I didn’t jerk off on my sister last night because we fooled around and she told me that she wanted to do everything when we were alone tomorrow when we had the house to ourselves. I asked her, “Every thing?” A little shy, she grinned “If you have condoms, everything!” Quietly very excited as she told me. It was after one in the morning so we decided to get some sleep. We kissed goodnight a little. Her loosely pulling on my semi erect shaft and me rubbing her bare almost hot slick slit and clit. I pulled my shorts on and slipped back to my bedroom. Sleep came fast to me even if I had a hard on that wanted attention. I heard dad leave for work the next morning, then almost an hour later, mom. I washed up, stayed nude and slid into my sister’s bed beside her. She hummed softly as I spooned her aiming my growing dick between her warm, smooth thighs. She had a small thigh gap that I thrust into and rested. She would probably sleep until around 9:30 or so. As my dick began to relax I even fell back to sleep holding her. I woke up looking at her sleeping and realized that I really loved my sister more than just her being my sister. I already knew that I thought that she was very physically attractive and after last night I was completely lusting for her. More so than ever before when I would cum on her in her sleep. Spy on her through her windows and jack off or simply smell her used panties, shooting cum in fresh ones that she would eventually wear. I had it bad for her. As she stirred I brushed some hair from her face and kissed her “Good morning.” “MMmmm good morning.” she smiled sleepily. “What would you like for breakfast?” “HMMM… Eggs, bacon and toast please.” with a prettier and more alert smile. I kissed her again, “I’ll get started on the bacon come down when your ready.” She kissed me this time pulling my head down to her face. “I’m excited about today.” “Me too sweetie, me too.” We had a nice little brunch then went to her room and it’s fairly large ensuite shower to wash our bodies clean in anticipation of having our first real sex. We both agreed that we would be making love. We even confessed our love for each other. “OOO!!” she jumped a little with a squeak as my finger slipped further into her bottom hole. With a moment of talk she said that she wasn’t sure about “Doing that– there” but kind of liked it as I fingered her anus with the slippery soapy water. We got pretty frisky in the shower. After she dried her silky, long brown hair we went to her bed and began some more involved foreplay. We made love for over 3 hours in every way I knew including anal. She loved the sex we had as much as I did too. A lot of our sex was without the condoms. She agreed that it felt better. That we were really good together, and that we would remain lovers forever. We had to let her once virgin rest and recover for a day but that didn’t stop my blow jobs. She is beautiful,

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