• 2 weeks ago

You really are a psychotic bitch. I guess when you don’t mind tasting me on your husbands dick for all these years it isn’t much of a surprise that you still stalk me on pinterest…since that’s the only place you can find out anything about me. Do you even realize how stupid you are? Think about it. You STALK my pinterest so you can “see what I’m up to”. I guess trying to copy what I do in bed isn’t enough, you have to go all the same places I’ve been. Same as always…you have ZERO originality, always following what everyone else does. Talk about pathetic…lol!
Thanks for continuing to entertain with your delusional idiotic ways after all these years, and know this. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, you will always be nothing but a fat ugly beast. That’s the only thing that’s exclusive to just you. Ugly hideous face.
But honestly…if there was just one thing in this world you were going to copy from someone why couldn’t it be to blow your freaking brains out. Follow in daddy’s footsteps.

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