• 1 month ago

¨Men aren’t disgusting. And if you’re wearing no bra and a crop top of course they are gonna sexualize it.. And shouldn’t you be glad they are looking at you, at least they think your sexy or whatever.. I feel sorry for your boyfriend or husband or whatever you have.. Women like you always complain.. like if a man is looking at you, you get upset cause you probably think he’s thinking about you in a sexual dirty kind of way and then if they don’t look at you.. you feel insecure and ugly inside and out.. Ugh¨
men are disgusting, they need to not sexulize it and no we shouldnt be be glad creeps are looking at females we dont want them to think were sexy we just want to go out and enjoy ourselves without being worried that were gonna get sexually assalted or cat called,we dont complain about little thing we complain about things that matter, if there looking at us they need to stop, most of us are underage (so am i) they need to control thereselves. if a lesbian girl/woman and control herself while being in a girls locker room or changing roomfull of girls than men can control thereselve in public

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